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The basic purpose of final expense life insurance is to financially protect the people you care about.

Final Expense Life Insurance, also known as burial insurance, can provide for your family in the event of your death. If you have dependents, consider what would happen to them if you were no longer here to support them. How would the quality of their life and their future be affected? By planning now, you can continue to provide for your family, even in the event of your death. Benefits can be used to pay for final expenses, pay outstanding debts, or pay for your children’s education.


Before you can know what kind of policy is best for you, you should consider what you want in a funeral and determine your needs. Do some research and determine how much the services you prefer would cost. Any costs involved with your service will be covered by your burial insurance policy. Some of these include:

  • Casket and case
  • Burial plot or vault
  • Headstone or marker
  • Service accommodations and decorations
  • Funeral flowers
  • Procession costs
  • Cremation (if you choose this option instead of a funeral)

Many of these services will be handled by professionals that work closely with the funeral home that produces your funeral. They generally offer packages at fixed cost, so ask your funeral home about prices and decide how much you need to cover all aspects of your funeral service.

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