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Each person and each family have different and unique financial needs. How much protection you need will vary with your life stage. What a single person or married couple needs starting out is quite different than someone with children entering college, getting married, and so forth.

Purchasing any type of life insurance coverage is an important decision that will have a significant and lasting impact on you and your loved ones. Purchasing the appropriate policy, however, can be complicated and confusing. The key to finding the right amount and the right type of coverage, is working with a dedicated professional focused on your unique needs, financial goals and budget.

You should choose a licensed insurance professional who:

  • Understands your financial situation, including your financial assets and obligations, as well as your personal situation (that is, your age, marital status, dependents, etc.)
  • Explains, in terms you can easily understand, issues, options and planned use of your coverage
  • Does not use high-pressure sales or scare tactics to force you into a decision, but rather works with you to formulate the proper plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • Is more concerned about becoming your “agent for life” than making a single sale; someone who will be there when you need them.
  • Will review with you periodically — perhaps every one to two years — whether the coverage continues to be suitable for your needs and circumstances, or if a change or additional coverage is needed.
  • Is independent and represents several top insurance carriers that allows them to pick the best plans for you. They are not locked into using just a single life insurance plan that may not be the best choice for you.
  • Has received extensive training, and participates in a regular and ongoing training program to stay current with trends and changes in the industry.
  • Is licensed by your state department of insurance and in good standing.

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Life Insurance FAQ

Usually, there is a simple application that needs to be completed and a follow-up phone interview. Coverage may be guaranteed regardless of the health issues. The application helps determine which plan is appropriate.
No medical exam is needed for coverage.
Although it is typical for an individual to name his or her spouse, child, parent, or other relative as the life insurance beneficiary, non-relatives can also be named. For instance, you can designate your estate, trust, business partner, lender, or domestic partner as beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Check the laws in your state for specific requirements, though. A few states specify that under certain circumstances an unrelated beneficiary have an insurable interest. An insurable interest exists when one party has a financial interest in another party’s life. The beneficiary of a life insurance policy must expect to suffer a financial loss if the insured dies.

Because of the increased mortality risk associated with smoking, smokers almost always pay more for life insurance than their nonsmoking counterparts. Some life insurance companies distinguish between moderate smokers (20 or fewer cigarettes per day) and heavy smokers (more than 20 cigarettes per day) and offer somewhat lower rates for those who smoke less. Rising cigar popularity raised numerous questions about how to classify cigar smokers. Unfortunately, there is not yet an industry-wide consensus on this issue.

Insurance companies will typically re-evaluate your rates if you quit smoking for at least a year.

If you want to buy a life insurance policy on someone else’s life, you must have an interest in that person remaining alive, or expect emotional or financial loss from that person’s death. This is called an insurable interest.

When you buy insurance on your own life, you are assumed to have an insurable interest. If you are buying a policy on someone else’s life, an insurable interest can typically be established if you have a sufficiently strong relationship with that person based on blood, marriage, or monetary interest.

Single people often think they don’t need life insurance, and in many cases, they are right. However, there are many factors that determine your need for life insurance; marital status is just one.
For many families, even a relatively simple funeral can create a major financial burden. For this reason alone, you might consider purchasing a small life insurance policy, or even a simple burial policy. As an alternative, you could invest the premiums you would spend on such a policy, and make sure your family knows this investment is earmarked for your final expenses, should the need arise.
Because smoking is a health hazard, life insurance companies may charge you a higher premium if you smoke. Worse yet, smoking may even prevent you from obtaining life insurance coverage at all. How does an insurance company find out if you smoke and how much? In most cases, they start by simply asking you. Almost every application for life insurance contains questions about health issues, including smoking. Your responses to any smoking-related questions will play a part in a company’s decision about whether to sell you life insurance and at what price.


I am focused on helping families and individuals protect their financial assets and put protection in place that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your spouse, family, or other loved ones will be taken care of regardless of your ability to continue to provide an income for them.

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